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What do you need?

New Layout Website

A simple new website design we work with a few browse a few existing layouts decide on your pages count and collect the content.

New E-commerce Website

Need a website that sells? We take a looka what functionalities you require how many products you have and their complexity. Choose the best layout, get the images and content.

Website Redo

This is when you already have a website and you would like to revamp or redo the entire website. Even if you are not keeping anything form the old site, this process is a lot more complex than building a new website.



These templates include a basic hosting package which consists of


2 GB Disk Storage


3 Mailboxes


Two telephone and/or e-mail Support calls for hosting related queries per year


PHP 7 supported


cPanel Control Panel


Domain Verified SSL

Domain registration and hosting cost after year one: R1536 inc VAT per annum for Starter Plus hosting and R245 inc VAT per annum for the domain. If the quota of the above hosting package has been reached, we will inform you and assist you in either upgrade or reduce your mailbox size to keep your business running smoothly.

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